Hey Google, Am I Sick?

Google it.

That’s probably the shortest, yet most helpful answer to any question in this generation. How can you fix a broken printer? Google It. Who was that actor in that movie with the robots and stuff? Google it. What’s the French Revolution about? Google it.

Einstein says, “look it up.”

It seems that whatever you’re searching for, whether it is for research or something at the tip of your tongue but you can’t seem to remember. The solution is simple. Google it.

But is it really simple?

We rely so much on just searching the Internet for the things we need and want, that sometimes we use search engines in place of actual things and people that can provide concrete answers. This is not to discredit search engines and their reliability, but a caution to users that not everything you find on the Internet is pure fact.

Some just search for possible solutions to fixing an old, beat-up machine to bring it back to life instead of hiring a technician to do it. It saves them money perhaps, and they get to learn something new as well. But some searchers take it to a higher, but a bit alarming level—all in the name of saving up money.

Instead of making an appointment with a doctor, some just search or Google their symptoms online to find out their possible ailments and test out the suggested remedies. This is a popularly-used yet risky method that should be taken with caution. It doesn’t hurt to cut out a few bucks in the hospital bill to search for homemade remedies, but it would be best to see a doctor afterward to be sure.

Anyone can put information on the internet. So it is best to weed out credible sites on after another for quality results.

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