Reaching Your Niche Through Social Media Networking

Over the past several years now, social media has become the standard tool to connect with people who matter. Recently, several businesses have also used social media in reaching out to their target audiences and clients.

In an article by Darren Dahl in, he narrated that in 2008, Texas business owner Johnny Shelby, has experienced increase in revenues by 30% after implementing a social media project for his company.

No doubt about it, giving social media marketing a try will maximize the chances of success for your business, especially if your business is a start-up one. However, this success does not come like a piece of cake. You need to have up-to-date customized strategies so your business and social media marketing efforts can hit it off.

Tweak Your Marketing Efforts in Facebook

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Facebook is the biggest social networking site. Because it currently has a billion members, finding the right people that are looking for your business is not difficult.

Looping in on the target market in Facebook becomes a challenge when your business does not find ways to engage interactively. Active social and visual engagements are the central themes Facebook promotes.

Plainly promoting the services and products of your business in this social site won’t work; in spite of the easy accessibility Facebook presents to its users. Interacting with fans on a daily basis and presenting an informational business profile match with the current hits in Facebook. Hard selling turns users off in this site. Add color to your Facebook business page by encouraging fans or followers to share photos, discussions, opinions and recommendations.

Keep Things Updated In Twitter


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Making the presence of your business available in Twitter lets you update your audiences with the latest news or events trending in your business. Like Facebook, it’s easy to reach your target market in Twitter. Remember, Twitter is also one of the most popular social sites after Facebook.

Your followers can easily keep themselves updated with your tweets, particularly, if you use hashtags. Hashtags give followers an opportunity to engage with each other. Fans may spread the word about the nature of your company through community engagements .

When using Twitter, though, you have to focus on constant interactions with your follower communities. This is because most twitter followers usually just keep up with the tweets for a limited period of time.

Expose Your Blogs In Google+


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Google+ made its online presence just in time when Facebook has already gained overwhelming popularity among social site users. As a result, you may question yourself if it would still ever make sense to niche your business’ social media efforts in Google+.

You can still let the niche marketing of your business engage with the 135 million active members of G+, though. Using Google Authorship and the tightly knit incorporation of your activity in this site boosts your business’ SEO ranking. You just need to study the blogs of similar sorts of your competitors, in this regard, to make sure you won’t get left behind in terms of SEO strong visibility.

B2B Made Easy In LinkedIn


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You may find LinkedIn useful if the nature of your business angles more on business-to-business or B2B engagements. LinkedIn has various job seekers and professional individuals as members. Therefore, you don’t have to hesitate to jump in to LinkedIn’s bandwagon if your business provides recruitment services to third party companies and/or directly to job hunters.

Fashionista Engagements In Kaboodle


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If your business is into online clothing retail business, you may just click with Kaboodle. Find a way to target your niche market by being creative in using this site’s style boards. Collate your clothing products into lists, so your followers may easily find the stuff that they’re looking for. Entice your audience to what your business may offer by conducting polls on your products your followers may participate in. Or, better yet, you may also publish a mini business online magazine on this project-oriented site.

Show Your Artsy Side In Behance


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You’ll know how to use social media to target your market creatively by signing up with Behance. Feel free to showcase your creative web design and advertising concepts, which may vary from food, music and photographic ideations. Behance is a great social media tool for your business to show how the creative side of the services your company offers stand out against your competitors.

Reach Out To Movie Lovers In LetterBoxd


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You’ll find Letterboxd beneficial if your business caters to movie review postings. Find out the movies your audiences prefer to watch the most through connecting with members on this site. This will lead you to become aware of which movies to advocate in your business. Alternatively, Letterboxd will also equip you to develop a better marketing plan when providing services of online movie-viewing to film buffs.

Quora Shares Your Expertise


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Quora is the right place for you if you’re a self-employed freelancer. Quora is a social customized site that will be useful when spreading the word about the existence of your new business. Let the world become aware of the core nature of your business by answering subject matter questions accurately via this site.

LibraryThing Instills Love Of Reading


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LibraryThing will be the best social site to connect with your readers if you run a book publication business. Convert With Content found out that this site has 1.6 million active members. Engage with your readers in LibraryThing by talking about various topics in reading in general. Doing so will attract your readers to make reading a habit, and eventually, convert them as one of your loyal customers.

Choosing The Right Social Site Helps

As Kerry Butters mentioned in her article in Social Media Examiner, the quickest way in finding a niche site your business can relate to is using Google Search engine. Remember, though, to use the target keywords efficiently, for an optimized-friendly search.

Of course, the social sites mentioned above offer benefits that are distinctly unique. However, you need to remember that not all of the applications and features each social site offers may be applicable to your business objectives. Keeping this in mind, you should make a thorough and careful study on each site, before making your final choice. Doing so will avoid future problems that may do your business more harm than good.

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