The Latte Effect—Why Coffee Shops are a Hit

It’s easy to whip up a good old cup of coffee in the morning to start the day. Coffee is somewhat the unspoken de facto morning drink.

It is said to be the lifeblood of businessmen, professionals, and college students. It fuels the dreams of champions, says a certain actor called Will Ferrell. It might be even the elixir of life that we’re looking for all these years.

So, why do people love to drink coffee anyways? And why stay in coffee shops than make one in your home?

choco mocha
A shot a mug of choco mocha heaven.

You can see people crowding cafés with laptops, tablet computers, and smartphones, typing away while taking an occasional sip of their double-pump, fat-free caramel latte.

Cafés aren’t exactly the quiet in terms of concentrating on work, what with the whirring of the coffee machines and the loud baristas shouting the name of their next customer every now and then. But then again, the fresh smell of coffee and the café’s somewhat exotic ambiance pulls people right in. So what makes cafés so appealing, especially to young professionals?

Some people just can’t get their work off their heads, even when they’re at home. And at times, some wanted to get away from the familiarity of home without suddenly being pulled into work.

As Howard Shultz of the Starbucks fame puts it, cafés are the “third place,” a spot between the hectic workplace and the comforts of home.

This is where cafés come in. People don’t need to put up with their own coffee makers to make a cupful. Just order whatever’s the current fancy, plop down on a couch and space out even just for a moment.

Settling in a café even for a couple of hours relieves people from the grueling hours of work and some unfinished house business like dragging chores and maintenance, and for some, it creates a mesh between the workplace and home that makes their jobs a bit more easier.

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