The Sleep-Deprived Tweeter

In this generation, it seems that everybody gets stressed — even kids.Deadlines aren’t exclusive to corporate professionals anymore. Students forsake sleep in order to pass essays, term, papers, and such. And yet, they still find the time to go on trips with friends, go online to update their blogs, Facebook accounts, and Twitter.

Doesn’t anyone sleep anymore?

Internet Addiction
A teenager huddled in a dark bedroom with the laptop is open before him.

Studies show from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine that teenagers and school children are getting more and more incapable of sleeping early to prepare for their morning classes.

People in and below their teens require at least eight hours of sleep to regulate their changing hormones, most of which are active and unstable during the teenage years. Due to rapidly accelerating Internet connection speeds and its 24/7 availability, this required amount of sleep is limited to two-to-three hour naps and at most will result in lethargy that could affect school performance, hence the stress.

There is no denying that the Internet is becoming more of a possible necessity than an accessory to social life. It saves time to contact different people from various locations around the world, stores and establishments have been opened online portals to cater to a wider consumer group, and it has become the premier source of entertainment.

Focusing on the entertainment part, it is common knowledge now that most teens own at least one gadget, particularly a mobile phone. Current technology trends and observation show that most teens opt to use mobile phones that offer quick connectivity to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Some, if not all, get a particular addiction to these kinds of social platforms; but why?

This boils down to the natural human need to interact with fellow humans. As humans and technology progresses, so does the means to interact. But sometimes, one goes further than its intended purpose.

Facebook and Twitter’s main purpose is to facilitate quick means for communication. The reason why these sites get so addicting that it disrupts a person’s psychological and physical regular conditions is the endless stream of content posted. Pictures, status messages, blogs… everyone wants to let the world know something about them, and no one would pass the opportunity to miss an important update or a hot gossip, no matter what the time is in the world, hence the possibility of lack of sleep or a distorted sleeping schedule.

If these are not addressed with personal intervention, they might lead to stunting metabolism, poor school performance, and psychological instabilities.

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